Our society is filled with fear. Politicians, advertisers, teachers, and countless others tell us that we should be afraid of bullying, global warming, aging, financial insecurity and so much more. This spirit of fear is inculcated in all of us from a young age, and it has seemingly become an unavoidable part of life.

With all of this fear-mongering, we can start to feel hopeless as we are burdened by fear in every area of our lives and live in a constant state of dread. But what if there was a way to overcome all of these fears?

That’s why we’re offering the set Living Without Fear. In this collection, Dr. D. James Kennedy presents the antidote to a life of fear—a freedom that can only be found in God.

The Living Without Fear set includes four DVDs, as well as a book of six messages (including two that were never broadcast on television). The book includes the messages:

  • Conquering Fear
  • Hope for the Hopeless
  • Ending Financial Fears
  • Banishing the Fear of Death
  • Fear Not
  • How to Walk on Water

The set also includes a bonus music CD of soothing hymns entitled “Peaceful Meditation” to help worried spirits focus on God. It includes Dr. Kennedy’s meditation “Beside Still Waters,” as well as Craig Buchanan’s calming harp renditions of hymns like Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, The Old Rugged Cross, and Just as I Am.

Allow us to send you the Living without Fear set (including the DVDs, book, and bonus music CD) for your generous donation of $60 or more. Or, if you’d just like the book, we’ll send it to you as thanks for your generous donation.

Break free from the bondage of fear in your life and treasure the freedom that God has given you!

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