We Need Your Help!

Fourteen months ago, D. James Kennedy Ministries made a commitment to serve the Lifetime Channel television audience with programming that speaks to the great moral, ethical, and cultural questions of our day from a thoroughly Biblical perspective. We were thrilled to extend the outreach of this ministry across the nation.

Now we face a dilemma. As you can imagine, with Lifetime’s reach into nearly 100 million television households, it is a very expensive broadcast platform, and we must raise $575,000 in the next three weeks or we will not be able to continue bringing you our Truths That Transform program. Cancelling the network airing is the last thing we want to do. But we must be good stewards.

If you are able to give a generous donation to this ministry, so that we can continue to bring the Gospel and the very mind of Christ to a culture desperately in need of truth, we have two thank you gifts we’d like to send you. 

The first is the D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible. It features over 700 of Dr. Kennedy’s personal commentaries and notes drawn from his almost 50 years of Bible study and teaching.

There is simply no other study Bible that speaks to the cultural issues of our time like this one. It will equip you to apply Biblical truths to the most relevant topics in our society today and is sure to be a go-to study tool for your personal devotional time. The wealth of wisdom and insight in this incredible study Bible also makes it the perfect gift to share with a student or pastor. We originally offered this study Bible for a donation of $100.

In addition to the leather-bound D. James Kennedy Study Bible, we will also send you our newest ministry resource. It’s the book, Why Do You Believe That?: Answering Hard Questions in an Age of Political Correctness. How do you know the things you believe are true? Are you prepared to speak, from a Biblical perspective, to some of the most controversial issues of our age?

This comprehensive Q & A-style book will give you answers straight from God’s Word and help you articulately respond to the misconceptions held by multitudes of Americans on topics such as:

  • Socialism
  • Immigration
  • Gender Identity
  • Homosexuality
  • Islam
  • And more!

We’ll send you The D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible and Why Do You Believe That? as our thank you for your generous donation to help us continue to bring God’s truth to bear in the marketplace of ideas and in defense of freedom. To receive these special resources, simply fill out the information form below.

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