Who is the King in America?

Before you answer, do you know what the most common form of government is in world history? It’s been kings who reward their friends and punish their enemies.

But America is different. We have a constitutional republic which means the people are king, ruling through their elected representatives.

2022 is a vitally important midterm election year when the people will once again speak. The question remains, will we defend freedom for the sake of our nation and future generations, or will we move closer to tyranny—where friends of those in power are rewarded and others punished?

Discover the keys to preserving the freedoms of our American republic in the fascinating book, Who is the King in America? by author and noted historian William J. Federer. He shows the clear intentions of the founders, rooted in history and expressed in the Constitution, to establish the American people as the “king.”

Federer also makes a compelling case for how:

  • Republics rise and fall
  • Political activists invent tactics to bring down governments
  • 45 countries could fall to communist dictators
  • Real or perceived injustices are fanned into flames
  • People relinquish freedom in exchange for “security”
  • And more

Who is the King in America? will captivate you with the truth about our uniquely American experiment. We will gladly send it to you as our thanks for your much-appreciated generous donation to help us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

Don’t miss this engaging and highly readable book ideal for sharing with family and friends.

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