Join your voice with thousands of others by signing the Demand Letter to President Trump!

Continued investigation into Russian collusion, refusal to turn over documents requested by Congress, the mishandling of classified information, to name a few, are putting our freedoms at severe risk. Who are these manipulators of truth? None other than the FBI and Department of Justice!

The men and women working in these agencies have taken an oath to serve in the interest of America and her citizens. But some are so politically motivated that they are only interested in advancing their own agendas. It’s time for President Trump to reassert his control over these members of the executive branch. That is why we have put together a respectful Demand Letter asking the president to appoint an independent inspector general to investigate the Justice Department and the FBI. We will send you this letter when you request it. When you receive your letter, please sign it, and return it right away.

By signing the open letter, you will be joining your voice with thousands of other Americans in letting President Trump know that you want justice to be carried out and our freedoms to be protected once more.     

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