The stalling must stop! Request your
judicial confirmation
petitions today!

As America begins to reopen after the “Great Lockdown,” we must look to the future. In just six months we have a national election which will determine the course our nation takes for years to come.

With so many crucial issues and cases on the line right now—abortion, immigration, religious liberty, and more—one of the most impactful steps our leaders can take today is the confirmation of pro-life, Constitutionalist judges to America’s federal courts.

President Trump has done an exemplary job filling federal vacancies with conservative, Constitutionalist judges. But as of this posting:

  • There are only 62 legislative working days left before the national election to fill the federal court vacancies at all levels.
  • 79 court vacancies must be filled with highly qualified conservative judges committed to upholding the rule of law and not legislating from the bench.  
  • President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel have remained unflinching in their commitment to fill these judicial vacancies and support the Constitution.
  • Now the Senate must do their job and confirm these nominees!

Liberal Democrats are unjustly stalling, and it must stop! These nominees need to be immediately sent to the floor for a vote.

You and I have a real opportunity to help make that happen. We are mobilizing a massive petition campaign across the nation, urging Senators to move swiftly to confirm President Trump’s conservative judicial nominees.

Request your petitions to your Senators, and we will also include a Letter of Gratitude to Senator McConnell, who has done an extraordinary job in seeing a record number of pro-life, pro-freedom judges confirmed by the Senate. He has made this his “top priority” throughout the Trump Administration, and he is to be commended for a job well done.

Please request your petitions to join your voice with thousands of other Americans to let your Senators know that enough is enough—bring the judicial nominees up for vote! Your participation is essential for the future of religious freedom in America!

Request your petitions and Letter of Gratitude now!

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