Masquerading as science

Despite its widespread acceptance, the evidence does not bear out Darwin’s theory of evolution. Yet, it’s the predominant view in public school classrooms across this nation, and it’s used to teach children that God has been disproven and science has trumped faith. The fact is, evolution is a dangerous religion masquerading as science, and it’s splitting society apart.  

That’s why we want to arm you with the facts with our concise, easy-to-read Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Is Evolution True? You’ll discover why:

  • The fossil record works against Darwin’s theory
  • Random, undirected evolution is mathematically impossible
  • Commitment to the theory is often the result of atheistic presuppositions
  • And more.

You will have well-reasoned answers to some of the most common arguments for evolution at your fingertips. We even provide a 3-pack so you can keep one and share the other two. You may even want to give one to a high school or college student you know as they begin a new school year. We’ll gladly send you the handy Q & A booklet, Is Evolution True? for your generous donation to help us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

Who Let the Zombies Out

For your much-appreciated gift of $50 or more, we’ll include the informative and entertaining book Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution by respected molecular biologist Dr. Jonathan Wells. In 2000, Wells exposed ten “icons of evolution” that did not fit the evidence and should have been buried. But in this sequel, he shows that just like Zombies coming back from the dead, these icons are still in classrooms, stalking America’s children.

Responding to his critics’ efforts to shore up evolutionary theory, Dr. Wells reveals even more shady icons. Zombie Science is billed as a book that is “easy to understand even for laymen, and an enjoyable read as well.”

Zombie science is real, but Wells believes there are solutions and points the way. Don’t miss these must-read resources.

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