The radical Left is working overtime to rewrite American history and sever us from our Christian roots. And we see the results. A majority of American’s today believe our nation has gone astray.

Many now wonder if America is still exceptional. Others have no idea what made America great to begin with, which is especially true of younger generations. They don’t know that the bedrock of America’s greatness consists primarily of principles found in the Bible. Principles that laid the foundations for America’s:

  • Religious liberty
  • Limited government
  • Rule of law
  • Economic self-determination
  • And more

That’s why it’s more necessary now than ever that we know these truths, defend these truths, and share them with our children and grandchildren who will likely not hear them in public schools.

We have just the resource to help. It’s the book In the Footsteps of Giants: Solutions from the Founders for a Nation Gone Astray. You will discover that many of today’s pressing issues can be solved using the same principles used by those who helped create this country. We’ll gladly send you In the Footsteps of Giants for your kind and generous donation that helps us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

Looking for hope?

Then the brand new DVD, Reasons for Hope: Why the Battle for Freedom Isn’t Over, has what you’re looking for. It features encouraging insight from front-line culture warriors, including:

  • Gary Bauer,
  • Erwin Lutzer
  • Lila Rose
  • Dr. Robert Otto
  • Ryan Bomberger
  • Carol Swain
  • Bob Woodson
  • And many more

Reasons for Hope exposes many of the battles that American Marxists are waging. But it also shows how God is using His people to stem the tide and rescue America, demonstrating that you do indeed have reasons for hope for our nation’s future. We’ll gladly send you the book, In the Footsteps of Giants and the Reasons for Hope DVD, in appreciation for your donation of $60 or more.

Don’t miss this outstanding book and DVD.

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