Across the Middle-East, hundreds of thousands of people are being murdered by radical Islamic Jihadists. In places like Syria and Iraq, people are being forced to flee from their homes.

We are partnering with Heart for Lebanon to assist refugee families under attack from radical Islam and other forces in that region of the world.

Heart for Lebanon’s holistic approach not only addresses basic physical needs, but also ministers to the emotional and spiritual needs of families through regular home visits to their tent settlements. Their team offers prayers and encouragement, and offers Bible studies for parents and biblical teaching activities designed for children. Lasting and authentic relationships set the stage for trust and conversations about deeper life issues, including spiritual beliefs.

This month, our goal at D. James Kennedy Ministries is to help Heart for Lebanon initiate services to 300 families in need of hope and help. Those services cost about $80 per month for a family of six. We know you care; if you are able, please help. Any gifts over and above our goal will go to the ongoing work of our ministry.

As our thanks for your generous donation, we will send you a five-pack of our newest Truth in Action Q&A booklet, What Does the Bible Teach About Islam? This booklet gives a brief overview answering the biggest questions about the teachings of Islam versus the teachings of the Bible.

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