He Sets the Captives Free

Therefore if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.

— John 8:36

For those who repent and believe, Christ removes the guilt of the past, but He can also give us victory over sin in the present and in the future. Christ breaks the shackles of sin; Christ sets the prisoner free. What hope of freedom does the drunkard, the alcoholic, the dope addict, or the immoral person—that individual who is chained to the chariot wheels of some ignoble passion—have, except in Christ?

Christ gives us victory over sin when nothing else can. All the education, all the culture in the world cannot do it. Germany in 1941 was the most highly educated nation in the world. It produced a Goering and a Goebbels; it produced a hell on earth. No, only Christ can give victory over sin.

St. Augustine was one of the most brilliant intellects in the first thousand years of this era. Though he was a rhetorician, a logistician, a philosopher; though he had all the learning of the ancient world, he wrote that before he knew Christ, he envied the simple Christians who had control of their passions. They had the reins of their lives in some unseen hands that he knew not of, whereas, he was a slave to his passions.

Christ can set you free.

Question to ponder:
Are you experiencing victory in Jesus? If not, ask Him now to set you free.