Israel’s friend from the very start

On May 14, 1948, just 11 minutes after the modern state of Israel was declared a nation, President Harry S. Truman officially recognized the Jewish state. He was the first world leader to do so, making The United States Israel’s friend from the start.

America is still one of the most pro-Israel nations in the world. But how did we become that way? The answer may surprise you.

In the insightful book George Washington & Israel, historian Dr. Peter Lillback sifts the evidence from George Washington’s life and writings to show that our first president was a staunch and influential friend of the Jewish people.

You will be pleasantly surprised as Lillback reveals that Washington, a Biblically literate follower of Jesus Christ …

  • Wrote to the Jewish people affirming his desire for their safety and political and civil liberty
  • Mentioned Israel by name in his prayers
  • Hoped for the restoration of the Jewish people to their homeland in Israel—as did many other Americans in his day

Though modern Israel did not exist in Washington’s day, our first president’s views about the Jewish people and their dream of a homeland helped shape future presidents’ policies toward Israel.

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