Because America needs a miracle today

We need to remember that America’s history is filled with stories of people who trusted God to use them to improve the world. During times of national crises, they took courage, prayed, and saw hopeless situations turn around—miraculously so. Now, in our day, America is in the midst of many crises, and it’s our turn to take courage, pray, and trust God for the miraculous!

To encourage you as you do, and as our thank you for your generous donation, we’d like to send you the stirring book, Miracles in American History-Volume Two: Amazing Faith that Shaped the Nation by Susie Federer. You’ll read inspiring stories of revivals, faith, and captivating courage from America’s history, such as the:

  • Great Awakening Revival in America
  • Yale Student Revival
  • Haystack Prayer Meeting & World Missions
  • Second Great Awakening Camp Meetings
  • And that’s just for starters!

You’ll find amazing stories about:

  • William Penn
  • John and Charles Wesley
  • John Newton
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Eddie Rickenbacker
  • And many more.

You will see God’s hand of providence in America’s affairs since the beginning. And you’ll want to read these stories of faith and miraculous answers to prayer to your children and grandchildren and share them with friends.

This month we reflect on a dark day in America’s history—the tragedy of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which gave us abortion on demand. We must pray for a miracle and work to restore a culture of life in our nation!

We have put together a vital package on the sanctity of human life, and if you are able to send a gift of $60 or more, we will send it to you along with the Miracles book. Dr. D. James Kennedy tirelessly defended the sanctity of human life long before others began to speak up. And now, six of his most compelling and passionate messages are available on DVD under the title Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Sermons include:

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • The American Holocaust
  • Lies and More Lies
  • Abortion: Myths and Realities
  • Life: An Inalienable Right
  • All They That Hate Me Love Death

These sermons provide a powerful apologetic for the sanctity-of-life ethic and show how the false worldviews of naturalism and materialism undergird the “quality-of-life” ethic.  With his pastor’s heart, Dr. Kennedy also shares the hope for forgiveness and healing that God offers through His mercy and grace to those whose lives have been touched by abortion’s pain.

As a companion to the DVD series, we have created a Study Guide that is ideally suited for all who want to speak and act with well-informed compassion about our nation’s abortion crisis and who desire to join the effort to renew America to a culture of life. This would make a perfect small group or Sunday school class study with a chapter for each sermon on the DVD. Chapters include:

  • An Introduction to provide background for each sermon topic.
  • Advance Reflection Questions to help you think in advance about the topics raised.
  • Guided Viewing Questions to help focus attention as you watch the sermon.
  • Questions for General Discussion to help you consider more deeply what you’ve heard.

We will gladly send you the six-DVD sermon set, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, along with the companion Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Study Guide and the Miracles in America History book as our thank you for your generous donation of $60 or more.

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