President Biden is ruling by executive fiat, and we’re not the only ones who are concerned. Even the liberal New York Times told the new president, “Ease up on the Executive Actions, Joe … This is no way to make law.”

The hallmark of our American republic is that we are a nation of laws duly enacted by representatives of the people—not by the pen of a president. Government by executive order points to a systemic failure of the America idea. It denies government of, by, and for the people, and it brings tyranny!

The threat to Your fundamental liberties

Dr. Frank Wright reveals the threat in his brand-new booklet, Executive Overreach: The Tyranny of Concentrated Power. Dr. Wright, President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries, shows why the imperial presidency of Joe Biden—or any other pen-wielding president—should alarm every constitutionally literate American. He explains why it is so dangerous and how it has left our Constitution in tatters.

We’ll send you Executive Overreach as our thank you for your generous donation to help us continue to stand for truth and defend your freedom. For your gift of $50 or more, you’ll also receive the DVD set America at the Tipping Point. This set features seven inspirational messages by Dr. D. James Kennedy, including:

  • America: A Christian Nation
  • America’s Greatest Hero
  • God and Country
  • The Spirit of Liberty
  • America for God (a speech at the Lincoln Memorial)
  • America Adrift
  • Returning to Our Roots

You will be inspired as Dr. Kennedy lays out the indisputable Christian heritage of the United States as well as a plan for restoring our religious freedom.

Don’t miss these two ministry-exclusive resources, which are ideal for sharing.

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