Every Sphere for Christ

“Go therefore and make disciples… teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.”

— Matthew 28:19

Piety is great. We need to be holy and devoted to the Lord. But I have a problem with pietism, which essentially means abandoning the public spheres of life and leaving these to the unbelievers.

For too long, pietism has hurt the church and it has hurt our nation for the last century or so. Pietism has led to the spiritual retreat of Christians out of all of the spheres of public life into the ghetto of the church—and this has resulted in leaving the rest of the world to unbelievers. We turned over politics to the unbelievers. After all, that was dirty business, wasn’t it? Certainly Christians don’t want to get involved in that sort of thing.

We abdicated higher education—we left that to unbelievers. And science, and media, journalism, and all of these various fields. We have turned them over to unbelievers and they have wrought havoc in them.

How great it would be for more Christians to be involved in the various spheres of national life. In every sphere of life, whether it be the spheres of law or of government or of education or science, the arts, television, motion pictures, journalism, whatever it is, we Christians need to get in there and we need to make our influence felt. We need to bear our witness for Jesus Christ and bring the teaching of Christ to bear on all of these spheres of life that He might receive the glory. After all, this is His world.

Lord of all, we thank You that the world is Yours and everything in it. We do need to reclaim it for You, and we pray that You will send Your people into every sphere of life. Here I am, Lord. Send me…