Equality for Whom?

In an affront to freedom, leftist members of Congress have introduced (and the House has passed) dangerous legislation that makes sexual orientation and gender identity protected characteristics under federal law. The bill is called the “Equality Act,” and if passed by the Senate, it will actually deprive millions of Americans of equality because it will blatantly stamp out religious liberty for men and women of faith.

What the liberal media is not telling you is that this bill empowers the federal government to force employers, medical professionals, parents, business owners, churches, and citizens across America to act in violation of their conscience when it comes to the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Time is of the essence as the “Equality Act” now heads to the Senate for debate. That is why we have written a Demand Letter to your senators asking them to stand against and soundly defeat the “Equality Act” and protect the conscience rights and religious liberties of Christians and people of faith. But it needs your signature. Please take action by requesting the Demand Letters to your senators. When you receive them, sign them, and return them right away. Your senators need to know that you stand for religious liberty. 

Simply fill out the form below and your Demand Letters will be on their way.

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