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By signing the petition to your Senators, you have taken a stand for religious liberty and freedom of conscience for Christians and people of faith. Thank you!

But be prepared to be labeled a “hater,” which has become a weapon of the Left in the cultural and political wars. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. As Christians, we are called to stand for the Biblical definition of marriage and sexuality and confront the culture head-on with truth and grace.

To help you do that, we commissioned Robert H. Knight, a journalist, and veteran of the culture wars, to write the compelling and helpful book, Confronting Lies and Hate: Responding With Truth and Grace. You’ll discover what’s behind the increasingly vitriolic and false accusations that defenders of traditional values, and Christians in particular, “hate” those with whom we disagree. You’ll also find constructive ways to counter such charges.

We will gladly send you the timely and informative book Confronting Lies and Hate: Responding With Truth and Grace for your generous donation to help us continue to stand for Jesus Christ in today’s sin-emboldened culture.

For your gift of $40 or more, we will send you the book plus our powerful documentary on DVD, The Age of Gender Confusion. The Left is pushing the disastrous notion that gender is a so-called fluid concept. We investigate the consequences of this view, one hatched in the ivory towers of university classrooms but now causing confusion across the country.

Don’t miss these two ministry-exclusive resources which are ideal for sharing.

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