You Can Help Turn the Tide and Defend America!

Our nation is under attack from within. What we are seeing unfold is not a series of unconnected events, or mere accidents of history. There is a connection between everything from same-sex marriage and Transgenderism to the riots in our streets—but most people don’t realize what it is.

That common thread is cultural Marxism—the philosophy of the radical-leftist followers of Karl Marx who want to remake our society, tear down our institutions, dissolve the American family and dethrone God. And we are witnessing the unfolding of their plan—one that left unopposed could dismantle the very fabric of American society.

That is why we produced our Defend America 2020 special. People need to understand the genius of the American experiment and have the Biblical perspective needed if we are to remain a free nation governed by a Constitution.

If you are able to help us bring Biblical truth to bear on these important issues by making a generous donation today, we will send you a DVD of our eye-opening new Defend America 2020 documentary. This home-version includes additional bonus material we were not able to broadcast—content that you’ll want to watch and share with others.

Your gift today will also help us re-air this program nationally in October just before America decides what the next four years will look like. Please help us get the word out that if we surrender our Republic, we will be surrendering to socialism, political correctness, and the tyranny of oppressive Marxists in our midst.

As America gets ready to head to the polls, people need to understand what is really at stake. The futures of our children and grandchildren are riding on it! 

Make your gift and request the Defend America 2020 DVD.

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