“Follow the science” has become a popular mantra and even a bludgeoning tool for those who try to paint people of faith as science deniers. This is especially true in the creation vs. evolution debate.

And America’s public school classroom may be the most egregious example. If children hear any mention of the Bible at all, it’s only to be told that science and the Bible are at odds with one another. But it’s not true, as many scientists over the centuries attest.

Science and Christianity have a great relationship!

The difference between today’s public school classroom and many of the world’s most renowned scientists is that they were willing to follow the evidence with an open mind.

As popular science educator Tom DeRosa points out, “When they freed themselves from the chains of the religion of naturalism and followed the evidence, the mechanism of evolution was abandoned.”

Do you know the evidence for creation? Can you explain why evolutionary theory is not based on science? What about evolution and racism, or evolution and communism?

Follow the science

In the book, Evidence for Creation: Intelligent Answers for Open Minds, Tom DeRosa presents evidence from astronomy, geology, biology, and history to show why Darwin’s theory is at odds not just with Genesis but with the facts of science itself. He also shows evolution’s grim social consequences.

We will gladly send you Evidence for Creation as our thank you for your generous donation to the on-going work of this ministry. You, your children, and grandchildren will have the truth about creation at your fingertips in this easy-to-understand book.

For your gift of $50 or more, we will send you the book plus the highly acclaimed DVD, Is Genesis History?  It features Del Tackett, the creator of the Truth Project, and more than a dozen scientists who explore the science behind the history recorded in Genesis. Your faith will be bolstered by this compelling documentary that verifies the creation account and debunks Darwinian evolution.

Both resources are ideal for a small group study and to share with others, including high school and college students.

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