Stop the tyranny of the Left

We know the lasting damage inflicted by a runaway, power-hungry Supreme Court. Look no further than the abomination of Roe v. Wade, the legalization of same-sex “marriage,” the removal of public-school prayer and Bible reading, and the erasing of the Ten Commandments from every public venue.

Now the Left is trying to pack the High Court with justices made in their image.

Legislation has already been introduced calling for the addition of four new justices to the High Court. If President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress get their way, the Supreme Court will become the major tool of the Left to advance its dangerous political and social agenda.

We must stop this from happening.

That’s why we have created an online Demand Letter for your senators. Please sign it right away to let them know that you stand in staunch opposition to this extreme legislation.

If you agree, Sign the Demand Letters Now!


I stand with D. James Kennedy Ministries in staunch opposition to any effort in the Senate to expand the
Supreme Court of the United States.

Adding four seats to the High Court, appointed along party lines by a Democrat President and Congress,
would greatly damage the Court’s standing and legitimacy in the eyes of the American people.

Court packing makes a mockery of justice. It is a shocking move designed to impose a totalitarian socialist
liberal shutdown of our precious freedoms, change America as we know it, and make it a radically different
place for our children and grandchildren. We, your constituents, do not support this extreme legislation.

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