How should we respond to
accusations that we are “haters”?

Increasingly, we see the charge of “hate” or “hatred” aimed at Christians who stand for Biblical values, as is the case of the Southern Poverty Law Center branding D. James Kennedy Ministries a “hate group.”

Left wing groups like the SPLC cynically deploy the charge in order to intimidate and silence their opponents.  They know that Christians are not hateful, but say it anyway because it works.

So, what is really behind the lies and how should we respond?  Veteran Christian author Robert Knight provides answers in his brand new book, Confronting Lies and Hate:  Responding with Truth and Grace. Knight examines the Left’s increasingly vitriolic and false accusations, the ultimate goal of their tactics, and the best defense against lies and hate.  You’ll learn about:

  • The Biblical View of Hate – and Love
  • Deploying Hate as a Political Weapon
  • The Rise of Cultural Marxism
  • Rules for Radicals
  • Responding With Truth and Grace
  • And more!

This book has been written especially for you, our ministry partner, and it is our “thank you” for your generous donation to help continue the work of this ministry.

Too often Christians surrender moral ground when confronted with accusations of “hate.” However, when the Southern Poverty Law Center placed D. James Kennedy Ministries on their “Hate Map,” designating us a “hate group” for our adherence to Biblical values, we knew we had a moral duty to stand for truth.  We are doing so in a way that no one has done before, by filing suit against the SPLC in federal court. We have now entered the very expensive discovery phase of the lawsuit.  The SPLC tried to have this phase stopped but the judge has ruled that it will continue.

That is good news — but if we are to be successful challenging this incredibly wealthy organization –we need your help.  For your gift of $50 or more, we want to say, “thank you,” by sending you the book, Confronting Lies and Hate:  Responding with Truth and Grace plus our updated and expanded documentary on The Southern Poverty Law Center – Profit$ of Hate.

Please watch this special report and then share it with others.  The SPLC calls the beliefs we hold dear hateful.  Who knows how many they have already silenced in their campaign to destroy all things conservative and Christian?  Please help us stand against this blatant intimidation with your prayers and gifts today.

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