Poison Pill July 2023 Week 5 Offer

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made?

With Roe v. Wade overturned last year, the majority of abortions now come via abortion pills prescribed by doctors. But most are completely unaware of how dangerous and harmful these drugs are. They kill a child, but also seriously endanger the mother. Find out more in our brand-new booklet, Poison Pill: America’s Chemical Warfare On The Unborn by John Aman. And we’ll send it to you as our thanks for your generous donation to the continuing work of this ministry. For years, the true scientific facts about the abortion pill have been hidden, and a politicized process led to their approval. The pills are given without medical oversight in many cases, endangering women’s lives—and the Biden Administration is doing all they can to push these pills.

And if you’re able to give a generous donation of $40 or more, we’ll send you the booklet PLUS the DVD series from D. James Kennedy, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. These six messages provide a powerful defense for the sanctity of human life, and expose how the pagan worldviews of naturalism and materialism undermine the value of life. Now, more than ever, Christians need to be equipped with both a full argument for the sanctity of life, as well as a clear understanding of the deceitful ways its deniers are trying to make abortion, assisted suicide, and even euthanasia acceptable to the majority of Americans.

Thanks to friends like you, DJKM is standing in the gap for our land, offering the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ on nationwide TV, and bringing the counsel of Scripture to America’s moral debate.

Our Chemical Abortion Campaign ended on August 31
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