In recent decades, “progressives” have used the court to accomplish much of their liberal agenda. They have fought hard in the Senate even “Borking” conservative judicial nominees—and there’s every indication that this strategy will continue and grow even more uncivil. So, what is the answer? Is there a way forward?

According to former U.S. Representative John Hostettler, there is hope—and it involves an untapped power that our Founders built into our Constitutional system. John Hostettler has written an insightful new special report: Change the Senate – Change America. In this booklet, he looks at the almost unknown power the Vice President has to guide and shape the work of the Senate—a power largely unused but that could be critical during the upcoming Supreme Court nomination battle. We will send you Change the Senate – Change America for your generous donation to the ongoing work of this ministry.

And as our thank you for your donation of $50 or more, we will also send you a DVD of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s powerful message “America’s Greatest Hero.” Our Founders understood that our rights come from God, and they knew He acted providentially in the preserving of this nation. In “America’s Greatest Hero,” Dr. Kennedy shows God’s provision—bringing forth a nation founded on Biblical principles.

Change the Senate – Change America and “America’s Greatest Hero” are two essential ministry resources.

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