It should come as no surprise that freedom of speech is under attack in our nation as Christian and conservative voices are increasingly marginalized and silenced. But do you know who these new self-appointed censors are and what drives their ideology?  Most of us interact with one or all of them on a daily basis. We’re talking about the internet giants—Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon. Individually they are powerhouses, but together they have become a nexus of left-leaning ideologues and purveyors of liberal ideology.

From issues like abortion to same-sex marriage, these gatekeepers are determining what you can and cannot see—all in the name of “tolerance.” It is time to sound the alarm! That is why we are producing a brand new television documentary exposing the anti-Christian and anti-conservative censorship of these media giants. It is critical that you know their tactics, as well as what you can do to answer these threats and defend our religious freedom.

Today, if you are able to give a gift to help us produce and air this special program, as well as continue our many ministry outreaches, we will thank you by sending you a DVD of the brand new special after it airs in July. Your DVD of Censoring the Truth: Facebook, Google, and the New Media Gatekeepers will include bonus material not seen on television. Once you have watched it, share it with others who need to know of this threat to the advancement of the Gospel and Biblical truth.

Thank you for giving your most generous gift today.

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