America needs prayer!

In November, as Americans once again head to the polls, Christians have the opportunity, privilege, and duty to “stand in the gap” in prayer for this nation we love.

Issues of monumental importance will be decided – the outcome of which will either push our nation closer to the abyss or help arrest dangerous trends threatening your freedom and security. 

Will you pray for America?  

We have produced a free tool to help you intercede for our nation with focus and purpose. It’s the 40 Days to the Election Prayer Guide and it’s available for download.

Our nation’s history is filled with episodes in which God intervened as people prayed. It’s time to join together and invoke his mercy and blessing once again.

Download the PDF now and let’s pray for America!

Our "40 Days to the Election Prayer" campaign ended on October 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM
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