Jan 2024 – Resource Lander

The time has come for every Christian to act …

If we are to leave a better future to our children and grandchildren, we have no time to waste. It’s time for Christians to engage in the battle of ideas and follow the blueprint for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that the founding generation gave us. It’s up to us to reclaim our freedoms and civil liberties.

To point the way forward, we have two practical resources for you. The first is our ministry-exclusive DVD Wake Up America!, featuring two powerful messages from Dr. Robert J. Pacienza and Dr. D. James Kennedy. These stirring messages outline the cure for America’s sickness and will help you stand for your family, your country, and your God! We’ll gladly send you Wake Up America! for your generous donation to help us continue the work of this ministry.

For your much-appreciated gift of $40 or more, we’ll also send you the outstanding book, The Patriot’s Field Manual, by U.S. Army Retired Major William Ostan. A decorated combat veteran, Ostan provides a playbook that every patriot can use to help effect change in their local community. He first reminds us of the “why,” which “inspires us to keep fighting when we feel like we can’t fight anymore.” Then he lays out the “how” so you can be “driven by purpose to play your role in saving America.”

Don’t miss these two inspiring must-have resources. You’ll want to share them with those in your sphere of influence.

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