Mar 2024 – Resource Lander 1 – Invincible

You can be ready to give an answer . . .

Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ . . . or do you have questions? Whether you are a doubter needing evidence or a believer who wants to understand better what you believe and why, Coral Ridge Ministries is on a mission to help you.

This month on Truths That Transform television and our other broadcast and online programming—we will be giving you solid reasons why you can believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then, you can share them with family, friends, and even strangers you meet.

Arm yourself with the evidence

As the late Dr. D. James Kennedy has said, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is “the best proved single fact of all” history. That’s quite a claim, and to back it up, we’d like to send you the brand-new DVD Invincible: The Risen Jesus and His Unstoppable Reign in gratitude for your generous gift.

In two powerful messages, Dr. Robert Pacienza shows that the resurrection is based not on the idle, hearsay claims of people who wanted it to be true but rather is grounded in the first-hand eyewitness testimony of more than 500 people, including “Doubting Thomas.” You will see the power that Jesus’ resurrection unleashed—launching an unstoppable movement for the Kingdom of God.

For your gift of $50 or more, we’ll also send you Dr. Kennedy’s classic book 12 Reasons Why I Believe. Known for his thorough and scholarly defense of the faith, Dr. Kennedy brings decades of research to light to deepen your understanding of the resurrection and other key Christian doctrines, such as how you can know that:

• The Bible Is the Word of God
• There is a God
• The World was Created
• Christ Rose from the Dead
• There are Moral Absolutes
• And more

The chapter on the resurrection provides four solid reasons to believe Jesus walked out of the tomb. Plus, Dr. Kennedy exposes the gaping holes in four common theories used to deny the resurrection.

Don’t miss these two compelling resources. You can even share them with others who need to know more about the greatest man who ever lived—Jesus!

Request yours now!

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