1776 July 2023 Offer



Our nation is 247 years old on July 4. But our future as a free land is very much in doubt. If we lose our national foundation of faith—which we’re in danger of—our freedom will disappear with it. All you have to do to see the contrast is compare America’s founding to the French Revolution, which happened within a few years of it. Os Guinness has done this in the important booklet 1776 vs 1789. And we want to send it to you as thanks for your generous donation to the continuing work of this ministry.

With your help, D. James Kennedy Ministries is doing all we can to proclaim God’s Word and call America back to God. But we can’t do it without you. Please stand with us today by giving a generous gift to proclaim God’s Word and defend freedom.

If you’re able to send a gift of $40 or more, we’ll send you both the booklet and the just-produced Providence Forum film, Endowed by Their Creator. It’s an outstanding and insight-packed look at our nation’s founding document and the events surrounding its creation.

Thanks to friends like you, DJKM is standing in the gap for our land, offering the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ on nationwide TV, and bringing the counsel of Scripture to America’s moral debate.

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