Dec – What if the Bible Had Never Been Written?

What if the Bible Had Never Been Written?

The historical evidence of the Christian influence on our nation, beginning at Plymouth, has been overwhelming. We would live in a vastly different world without the Bible. We would like to send you a special new ministry edition of this classic book, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, as our thanks for your generous donation to the ongoing work of this ministry.

Many today try to diminish the Bible. They dismiss it as a book of ancient fairy tales that’s out of step with modern society. But when they do so, they merely display their own ignorance. The truth is that the Bible was the inspiration for many of the greatest explorers, scientists, writers, artists, politicians, and educators the world has ever known. And it was crucial to the settling and founding of America. Find out more in the classic best-seller, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?.

And if you’re able to give a generous donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you the book, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?, PLUS the brand-new documentary program on DVD, “What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?”

This culmination of years of production, recorded in multiple locations including the U.K., presents a stunning apologetic for the impact of the Bible on Western civilization. This presentation features experts such as Os Guinness, Erwin Lutzer, Sinclair Ferguson, Nancey Pearcey, Craig Evans, Baroness Carolyn Cox, Simon Edwards, Michael Youssef, Tim Goeglein, Michael Nazir-Ali, William J. Federer, Jack Hibbs, and many more. Hosted by Dr. Rob Pacienza from the state-of-the-art Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C, this compelling documentary examines how the Bible has transformed everything from our systems of governance and law to our daily calendar and our dictionaries. The Bible has inspired literacy and literature, world exploration, science, and limited government—and it has transformed millions upon millions of individual lives with the good news of Jesus Christ. Find out how, in this powerful new program, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written?, and as you give, you’ll be helping us to look toward 2024, a crucial election year where the biblical emphasis of this ministry has never been more needed.

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