Embedded in the significant challenges of our day is the opportunity to stand for truth, proclaim the Gospel, and light the darkness as never before.

D. James Kennedy Ministries continues to stand ready to be that light and a clear voice for Christ in our culture. But to do this, we need your help. Some very generous friends of the ministry have created a $375,000 Liberty vs. Tyranny Matching Challenge, which means your gift today will have double the impact for Jesus Christ and our beloved nation in the year ahead. Please stand with us to match this challenge established by these committed partners before December 31.

To thank you for your generous donation, we have prepared an exceptional resource for you. It’s the newly-released book, 12 Reasons Why I Believe. This powerful volume, edited by Dr. Jerry Newcombe, is one of D. James Kennedy’s greatest works, in which he explores the foundations of the Christian faith, providing Biblically sound and compelling arguments for why Christians believe in:

  • the Bible
  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • The Resurrection
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The return of Christ
  • And more.

With his giftedness as expositor, teacher, and defender of the faith, Dr. Kennedy equips us with answers to some of the most foundational questions asked about the Christian faith—taking timeless Biblical truths and presenting them in a clear, understandable way. For your generous donation of $75 or more, we would love to send you the book, 12 Reasons Why I Believe, plus the companion 6-DVD message series, D. James Kennedy on Why I Believe. You’ll receive 12 of his classic sermons, including:

  • How I Know There is a God
  • How I Know the Bible is the Word of God
  • How I Know the World was Created
  • How I Know Jesus was Born of a Virgin
  • How I Know there are Moral Absolutes
  • And many more.

And if the Lord is leading you to give $100 or more, to be doubled in impact through the Matching Challenge, we’ll also include Dr. Kennedy’s tremendous book, What If the Bible Had Never Been Written? The Bible is more maligned by unbelievers than any other book, but Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe show that it was the inspiration for almost all of the great explorers, scientists, writers, artists, politicians, and educators the world has ever known. Don’t miss this in-depth look at the Book of Books.

Allow us to say thank you for your generous donation to the Liberty vs. Tyranny Matching Challenge by sending you these very special ministry resources today.

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