Winners and Losers

A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoking flax He will not quench.

— Isaiah 42:3

Are you a winner or a loser? It’s obvious which is preferable. But I’m certain there are some who feel they are born losers. Maybe they didn’t do well in school; they embarrassed themselves and perhaps their parents. They haven’t done well in the workplace, having perhaps been fired from numerous jobs. Even their home life has not worked out so well. It seems like they just can’t do anything right. They have two left feet.  They are ambidextrous, but neither one of their hands works well.

And yet, my friend, take heart. God did not make you to be a loser. He created you to be a winner, and that is what He is able to make you into. God make us for His purpose and when we feel discouraged and sad about our lives, we can be reassured that He is the perfecter of our lives, our faith, our past, and our future.

Sometimes we feel weak and powerless. Sometimes we feel worn out and as burned out as a smoldering wick. It is in our weakness that we can find His love and in our need that we find our God to be all sufficient. Let God bind your broken heart and watch Him make you whole again.

Question to ponder:
What are the broken pieces in your life? Hand them over to the Lord today.