What Is He To You?

“… Behold, this Child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel …”

— Luke 2:34

Whoever you are, you cannot avoid Jesus Christ, either in this life or the next. He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings. He is the One “with whom we have to do.” I once heard about a secular talk-show host who flippantly remarked, “Jesus means absolutely nothing to my life.” How wrong she is, for one day, like all of us, she will stand before Him in judgment.

The Bible teaches us that we can experience Jesus Christ as either a steppingstone that raises us to new heights or a stumbling block over which we trip and fall. Christ is as salt— permeating, penetrating, and seasoning all with which He comes in contact. You cannot avoid His influence. You cannot avoid the working of Christ any more than you can avoid the working of fire—stand before the fire, and it shall warm and comfort you; thrust your hand into it, and it will burn you.

An Eastern fable tells of a magic mirror that remained clear when the pure-hearted looked into it. But when the glance of a vile, unholy person fell upon it, the mirror clouded over instantly. Thus, the owner of that mirror could immediately tell the character of his visitors as they glanced into it. In the same way, Christ reveals our true natures to others, to God, and—if we pay attention—even to ourselves. Notice the reactions to Christ when He first came into this world: Mary and Joseph loved Him; the innkeeper was too busy for Him; the shepherds worshiped Him; Herod hated Him; both Anna and Simeon in the Temple praised God for Him. And so, Jesus Christ reveals our true character when we come into contact with Him.

What do you discover about yourself as you look into His face?

“Whoever you are, the Gospel must be
to you a savour of life or of death.”
Charles Spurgeon