What do we do when we see our freedoms being destroyed? How do you respond when Leftists assault life, language, and liberty?  And what do we do when Biblical morality, the bedrock of Western Civilization, is pushed aside and even condemned?

As Christians, We Stand!

We stand firmly on Biblical truth and bring Biblical light to the war that will determine America’s future.

Just in time to help, Dr. Frank Wright and John Rabe provide you with a handbook that surveys the major flashpoints in the culture war in their provocative new book, The War on Truth: Biblical Light for the Battle of our Time.

Dispatches from the frontlines

They take you to the frontlines and give you the facts, logic, and light from God’s Word that you need to stand firm for Christ. You and your family and friends will be challenged by 114 concise essays and commentaries covering topics, such as:

  • Freedom’s Foundation
  • Assault on Free Speech
  • Courts and Constitution
  • Christians and Politics
  • Religious Liberty at Risk
  • Light from God’s Word
  • And many more

We’ll send you The War on Truth as our thank you for your generous donation to help us continue to stand for truth and defend your freedom.

For your gift of $100 or more, you’ll also receive the new ministry DVD, Hope for the Future of Freedom, packed with timely interviews. You’ll hear from well-known experts tackling today’s issues which are dramatically affecting our freedoms. As a bonus, we’ll include the new collector’s edition sermon booklet, Will the Church Forget?, featuring one of Dr. Kennedy’s most memorable sermons calling Christians to spiritual arms.

You’ll want to share these resources. And as you give, you will be helping us continue to share the life-transforming Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Request your ministry-exclusive resources now!

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