The Greatest Sermon in History

Now seeing the crowds, He went up on a mountain. And when He sat down, His disciples came to Him. And He began speaking and taught them …

— Matthew 5:1-2

The Sermon on the Mount is incontestably the greatest sermon ever preached. We can, of course, find the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7.

Listen to what psychiatrist J. T. Fisher and co-author L. S. Hawley, say about the Sermon on the Mount in their book, A Few Buttons Missing:

If you were to take the sum total of all authoritative articles ever written by the most qualified of psychologists and psychiatrists on the subject of mental hygiene—if you were to combine them and refine them and cleave out the excess verbiage—if you were to take the whole of the meat and none of the parsley, and if you were to have these unadulterated bits of pure scientific knowledge concisely expressed by the most capable of living poets, you would have an awkward and incomplete summation of the Sermon on the Mount. And it would suffer immeasurably through comparison. For nearly two thousand years, the Christian world has been holding in its hands the complete answer to its restless and fruitless yearnings. Here  … rests the blueprints for successful human life with optimum mental health and contentment.

The Sermon on the Mount gives us great wisdom concerning how to live a life that is pleasing to our heavenly father. It gives us the Lord ‘s Prayer. Above all, like the law of God, it shows us our need for the Savior’s redemption.

Question to ponder:
Can you think of some of your favorite teachings in the Sermon on the Mount?