“There comes a time when you must stand for truth, even if no one will stand with you.”

Here at D. James Kennedy Ministries, we came to just such a time in 2017 when we filed a defamation lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center. They labeled D. James Kennedy Ministries a “hate group,” and placed us on their false “hate map,” because of our traditional, Biblical beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

We are four years into our efforts to defend Bible-believing Christians against false and defamatory statements in the courts and we are now filing an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Why This Case Matters to You

The SPLC’s spurious “hate” charge inflicts real harm on DJKM. It has led to reputational injury, increased security expenses, and a loss of financial support. But the harm is not just to DJKM.

If the SPLC can get away with calling DJKM a “hate group,” just for upholding Biblical marriage, then no faithful Christian is safe from this scurrilous charge. Which is why our lawsuit and Supreme Court appeal matter to every believer.

But the Supreme Court only hears a tiny percentage of cases filed to them each year. Please pray that ours will be one of them. Only with God’s help do we have any chance of being heard. And we must continue to pursue justice in this case. Maligning, demonizing, and stigmatizing leads to discrimination and persecution which we are beginning to see in our nation.

Can we count on your prayers and financial support? As thanks for your generous donation to help us with this suit and with the other vital work of this ministry, we will gladly send you a printed copy of the historic appeal that we are filing at the Supreme Court.

Please help us defend religious liberty and Christian truth against the false and defamatory attacks of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Our promise is to stand for truth and defend your freedom. But in order to do that we need you to stand with us!

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