See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Do not be drunk with wine, for that is reckless living. But be filled with the Spirit.

— Ephesians 5:18

When we receive Christ we are baptized by the Holy Spirit into one body, but, alas, we are leaky vessels. Every hole is caused by sin, and so we need to be filled with the Spirit. By the way, the verb “be filled” is what is called a “continuous, repetitive tense.” It means not just a one-time action, but something that occurs over and over again. So, too, we need to continuously ask God to fill us with His Spirit.

How vital that prayer is. You can do nothing for Christ—you can’t teach Sunday school, bear witness, preach, or anything else without the Spirit of God enabling you to do so. We need to obey Him, which means a determination to turn from whatever it is God shows us by His Word and Spirit is wrong.

We need to place a guard on our eyes—what we look at; on our ears—what we listen to; on our lips—what we say; on our hearts—what we think; and on our feet—where we go. When we do, God’s Spirit will fill our hearts and minds, and He will guide our steps.

Question to ponder:
How can we continually be filled with the Holy Spirit?