Satan Preys on Our Failures

“…as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”

— Psalm 103:12

We need to avoid a trap of Satan—to so dwell on our failures that we can’t move forward. Our sins can disable us because every time we sin Satan has the same message for us, “Ah hah! Now you’ve done it. You’ve blown the whole thing. Certainly Christ has no more need and use for you!”

We need to forget those failures. We need to forget those sins, which are buried in the depths of the sea never to be remembered against us anymore. We need to forget the hurts of the past. In the Christian life—and especially I can also say in the Christian ministry—though it is filled with many blessings, it is also filled with many hurts. I think sometimes people must suppose that ministers have the hide of an elephant, and nothing that they can do or say to them is going to hurt them. That is not true. I feel sometimes as if I have a thousand cuts where my brethren have cut me, from which I am bleeding.

If I were to believe some of the messages, then I would certainly conclude I have never done anything worth any value at all in the ministry and I ought to give it up. Well, those things can hurt and those things can cut and those things can distract us, but Paul says those are the kinds of things that we are to forget. Let’s move forward, forgetting what lies behind and pressing on, in Christ.

Jesus Christ, I come to You with my hurts today. Let me lay them at the foot of the cross…