What is socialism, and why is a new generation captivated by the idea? It’s a topic that has confused many, including Christians. What is the truth behind this ideology that purports to be compassionate and caring?

Although socialism stands in direct contrast to our Constitution, many people today are embracing its ideas—from leftist extremists to well-meaning Christians. Many even claim that the Bible itself lays out a pattern for socialism. However, the truth is that socialism goes against God’s law, threatening liberty and even life—and everyone needs to know the facts.

The booklet “Does the Bible Teach Socialism?” succinctly lays out the arguments on both sides of the
issue, while providing for those who claim that socialism is a biblically-mandated concept.

Not only will this small booklet provide the talking points you need to answer questions about socialism, but its easy-to-digest format makes it the ideal resource to pass along to friends and family who are curious about, or even support, socialism. We’ll send you Does the Bible Teach Socialism? when you fill out the information below.

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