America is in a culture war and as a result we face both challenges and opportunities. If we are to see a national transformation, we must act to stop the dismantling of our nation before it’s too late. That is why we will continue to fight to:

  • preserve religious liberty
  • resist cultural Marxism
  • expose false charges of hate
  • protect and defend life at every stage
  • and so much more.

But to do this, we need your prayers and financial support. As our thank you for your generous donation to the work of this ministry, we will send you the outstanding new book, A New Birth of Freedom, by Dr. Jerry Newcombe. Simply fill out the information form below. If we are to restore our freedoms, we must regain our moral authority, and this book reminds us of our freedom in Christ, the challenges before us, and the hope we can have for America’s future as a free nation. This is a resource you’ll want to share with others.

When you fill out the information below, we will send you A New Birth of Freedom.

Your friends at D. James Kennedy Ministries

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