Because America needs a miracle today

We need to remember that America’s history is filled with stories of people who trusted God to use them to improve the world. During times of national crises, they took courage, prayed, and saw hopeless situations turn around—miraculously so. Now, in our day, America is in the midst of many crises, and it’s our turn to take courage, pray, and trust God for the miraculous!

To encourage you as you do, and as our thank you for your generous donation, we’d like to send you the stirring book, Miracles in American History-Volume Two: Amazing Faith that Shaped the Nation by Susie Federer. You’ll read inspiring stories of revivals, faith, and captivating courage from America’s history, such as the:

  • Great Awakening Revival in America
  • Yale Student Revival
  • Haystack Prayer Meeting & World Missions
  • Second Great Awakening Camp Meetings
  • And that’s just for starters!

You’ll find amazing stories about:

  • William Penn
  • John and Charles Wesley
  • John Newton
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Eddie Rickenbacker
  • And many more.

You will see God’s hand of providence in America’s affairs since the beginning. And you’ll want to read these stories of faith and miraculous answers to prayer to your children and grandchildren and share them with friends.

Don’t miss Miracles in American History Volume 2.

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