Knowing the Whole Truth

In this mixed-up world, our beliefs can seem isolated—and the radical secularists and political Leftists want it that way. They want you to feel marginalized—thinking your Biblical views are offensive, outmoded, and abhorrent—when in fact, you are standing on a foundation of truth that has been held across the ages, by every true Christian, at every time, and in every place.

To remind you of the unshakeable foundations of your beliefs, and to strengthen your faith, we have some exclusive ministry resources for you this Easter season. As part of our Deeper Walk series, we want to send you Dr. Kennedy’s classic book, Knowing the Whole Truth: Basic Christianity and What It Means to You. Dr. Kennedy takes you through the faith-affirming, historic Apostles’ Creed, unfolding key doctrines for the Christian, including such chapters on Jesus as:

  • The Virgin Birth
  • He Suffered Under Pontius Pilate
  • He Descended into Hell
  • He Rose Again from the Dead

These are the truths that unite every believer, from the first century until now. We will send you Knowing the Whole Truth: Basic Christianity and What It Means to You for your generous donation to help us continue to proclaim the life-transforming truth of the Gospel. In addition, for your gift of $60 or more, we’ll also include the audiobook version of Knowing the Whole Truth. This powerful six-CD companion brings the text to life, and makes this vital resource available to you for listening in your car, at work, while exercising, or wherever you go! And there’s more, because we’ll also send you our brand-new Truth in Action Q & A booklet, Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? This handy booklet comes in a three-pack so you can keep one and share the others—declaring your belief in the resurrection of Christ.

If you want to make a difference in our world today, start with these powerful new ministry resources.

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