“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

— Genesis 1:1

When you look at our world and see both the bad and the good, do you ever wonder how our society has gotten to this point? Do you ever ask yourself, “How did it all begin?” God has answered that question for us, and to find it, we need look no further than the book of Genesis. Genesis explains the beginning of all things: the universe, humankind, marriage, evil, language, government, culture, nations, religions, chosen people. Genesis puts the rest of the Bible in context; without it, we couldn’t possibly understand the entirety of God’s Word.

For this very reason, many have attacked Genesis. Ken Ham, a creationist and a defender of Genesis, has created a vivid, descriptive picture of these attacks. One of Ham’s cartoons shows two castles, each built upon a foundation. The castles have walls, turrets, towers, and flags. One castle is named “Christianity”; the other, “Humanism.” On the wall of each castle stands a man with a cannon. The Christian fires his bombs at the flags flying over the humanism castle, flags labeled “gambling,” “homosexuality,” “divorce,” and “abortion.” But the humanist has his cannon aimed downward and blasts at the foundation of the Christian castle. This foundation is labeled “Genesis.” As depicted in this cartoon, the world wages its war against the Genesis accounts of our beginnings, hoping that as it pokes holes in Genesis, all of Christianity will crumble.

To carry this illustration a little further, the Christian, who shoots only at the flags, would do better if he aimed his cannon at the foundation of the humanism castle. This foundation is labeled “evolution.” To join in the fight, to uphold our own foundation, we need to understand that evolution and the Bible are totally incompatible. Evolutionists are atheists. They have stated in their own words that if the God of Genesis existed, He would not allow them to sin. With that premise, evolutionists can only believe that everything came into being by chance.

But we know differently because God has revealed to us how everything began. By doing so, He has given us the ability to understand the rest of His Word and the world we live in. Today as you observe what happens around you, thank God for showing you how it all began.

“[If Genesis were somehow removed from the Bible] the rest
of the Bible would be incomprehensible. It would be like a
building without a ground floor, or a bridge with no support.”
Henry Morris