Twisted Ideology

A radical assault is taking place in our nation and schools. It’s gender fluidity, the notion that we can decide our sex—whether male, female, or any of a mushrooming list of gender options.

Instinctively most of us know that gender is not a fluid social construct but a fixed biological fact and that teaching the absurd transgender lie puts our children at serious risk. But can you articulate why this movement is so dangerous and why it must be stopped? We want to help you do so by sending you the highly informative booklet, Gender Insanity: The Radical Left Reinvents Reality by John Rabe. You’ll have solid, Biblical answers to such questions as:

  • What is transgender?
  • Why the cultural confusion?
  • What should our response be to the transgender movement?
  • What should our response be to people who try to change their sex?
  • And more

We will send you this clear, logical and illuminating booklet in appreciation for your generous donation to help us continue to expose the culture’s lies while bringing God’s truth to a world that has turned its back on Him.

God has addressed the debate

For your gift of $30 or more, we’ll also include our must-see television documentary, The Tragedy of Gender Confusion. You will discover the worldview that lies behind the new gender confusion, and find out how it is especially harming children and women. This program exposes how radical ideologues are working to drive a governmental wedge between parents and children, and how the new gender orthodoxy is being exactingly policed in our culture. And you will meet someone who “transitioned” to another gender—but then was transformed by an encounter with Jesus Christ.

We hope you will use these resources and then share them with others who may not be aware of the gender insanity that is overtaking our nation. We must get the word out.

Request yours now!

Our Tragedy of Gender Confusion Campaign ended on May 14, 2023 at 12:01 AM
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