The Age Of Gender Confusion

The Obama Administration has ordered public schools to open locker rooms and bathrooms to the opposite sex according to one’s personal, subjective gender identity.

The issue of sexual self-identification has sparked a heated controversy in America this past year and has further divided our country.

This topic needs the illumination of the Gospel, which can free our culture of its deception and liberate the lives of transgendered people.

To give you key insights into one of the most controversial and divisive issues in American culture today, we are offering the timely DVD, The Age of Gender Confusion.

This revealing resource is a part of The Road Back to Sanity series of specials featured on our Truths That Transform program in time for the upcoming presidential election, and:

  • Investigates the harmful effects of “gender fluidity” on our society;
  • Gives you an inside look at the battle over sexual self-identification in America;
  • Provides a moving, personal account from former transgender, Walt Heyer, about the realities of this lifestyle;
  • Reminds you of the liberation that the Gospel offers for the lost and broken.

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