Media “Gatekeepers” think they know best

Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple believe they know what is best for us all, and they are happy to steer us toward what they consider to be an enlightened future. But in truth, that path will lead to tyranny and subjugation, especially of Christians and the message of Christ. It’s already happening.

People just like you have their speech moderated, flagged, and censored daily by these virtual monopolies. They have become “gatekeepers,” pushing those who don’t adhere to the politically correct Left out of bounds and off the web.

Get the facts and specific steps you can take to protect your freedoms and those of your family in the concise, easy-to-read book, The New Gatekeepers: Censoring Christians in the Digital Age. We will gladly send you this must-read exposé as our thanks for your generous donation to our ongoing work.

We dare not sit back and allow ourselves to be manipulated by these Big Tech companies. If you can help us with a much-needed gift of $40 or more, we will send you the informative book and our DVD Special Report, Censoring the Truth: Facebook, Google, and the New Media Gatekeepers.

We expose the agenda of the leaders of companies like Google and Facebook and show you how they are censoring conservatives and Christians, and even the Gospel itself. You will hear the personal stories of those who have faced censorship and hear from others who monitor and oppose this dangerous phenomenon.

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