Meet one of the most dangerously influential people in America today

His name is George Soros, and he stands above all others when it comes to power and influence. Soros, an atheist, has poured billions of dollars into everything committed Christians stand against—destroying our nation by bringing utter chaos to society.

He gives away millions annually to virtually every Leftist group of any size or influence. His “pet projects” include the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. One other recipient is the Southern Poverty Law Center, who wrongly accused D. James Kennedy Ministries of being a hate group. He has a pattern of fomenting protest and securing regime change in other nations. And just last year he spent at least $70 million to unseat Donald Trump—whom he scorned as “a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020.”  

If that’s not enough

See for yourself his influence in America’s institutions and organizations using our well-researched, oversized color chart, Follow the Money. This compelling tool details the flow of money into the radical Left movement showing the names of those involved in trying to:

  • deconstruct our nation
  • open the borders
  • promote violence in the streets
  • advance the radical agenda
  • and more

We will rush you the Follow the Money chart and companion guide as our thank you for your generous donation to help us stand for truth and defend your freedom.

Help expose this master puppeteer

In appreciation for your gift of $50 or more, we will send you the Follow the Money chart and explanatory guide, plus the hard-hitting booklet George Soros Exposed: Spending Billions to Radically Transform America. This resource reveals the man whose story of radical influence remains largely untold. It exposes his self-described “messianic” goals—one of which is to be the “conscience of the world”—and documents how he works to accomplish them. We will also include our explosive DVD expose´ Billionaire Radical: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America. Prepare to see how Soros uses his money to control a free people by destroying the foundations of their constitutional order, including Christianity, and instigating society’s demoralization.

These are resources that George Soros and the far Left do not want you to see. You’ll want to share all of them with those in your sphere of influence.

Request these compelling resources now.

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