Warning: Your Religious Freedom Is At Serious Risk

The so-called Equality Act has been passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. Our only hope now is to stop it in the Senate, otherwise:

  • Your church will be forced to accept LGBTQ+ behaviors
  • Your child will be forced to use the restroom and locker-room with boys identifying as girls
  • Doctors and nurses will be forced to violate your freedom of conscience and perform harmful transgender treatments
  • And more!

Consider Yourself Warned

The Biden/Harris Administration and their radical friends in Congress have declared the so-called “Equality Act” a PRIORITY.

Should the bill pass as written, Bible-believing Christians like you who live out their faith will find themselves on the wrong side of the law, having no exemption or recourse for religious belief.

According to our esteemed friends at the Family Research Council,

 “The ‘Equality Act’ is legislation that would massively overhaul our federal civil rights framework in order to mandate special privileges in the private sector for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Its stated goal is equality, but its actual result is harm to vast numbers of communities and individuals, including those it purports to protect. These victims include: family-owned businesses (and thus the economy), women and girls, teachers and students, and Americans as a whole because this bill undercuts our foundational freedom of religion.”

Sign The Petition, Now!

The Equality Act could not be more dangerous. That is why we have created a petition for you to sign to your two Senators urging them to protect the conscience rights and religious liberties of Christians and people of faith. They must stand for constitutional and religious freedom on which this nation was founded.

If you agree, sign the petitions below!

Citizen’s Open Petition to
United States Senate

I stand with D. James Kennedy Ministries and countless concerned citizens across my state in strong
opposition to the so-called Equality Act. This legislation, wrongly championed by the Biden/Harris
Administration, is an affront to freedom, that makes sexual orientation and gender identity protected
characteristics under federal law. If passed by the Senate, it will actually deprive millions of Americans of
equality because it will blatantly stamp out religious liberty for men and women of faith, like me.

I call on you to stand for constitutional and religious freedom on which this country was founded.
Protect the conscience rights and religious liberties of Christians and people of faith.

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