We feel like we lost a faithful friend!

This is the overwhelming sentiment of many Christians and organizations across America in light of Chick-fil-A’s seeming capitulation to the anti-Christian far Left.

Withdrawing its sizable charitable donations to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—apparently because these Christian groups have been ridiculously tarred as “anti-gay” by the radical LGBTQ rage mob—can only be seen as an about-face on their long record of Biblical faithfulness. And the largely Christian and conservative customer base that has made them the envy of the restaurant world feels betrayed by Chick-fil-A’s decision to appease these bullies by throwing respected Christian charities under the bus.

If you agree, we have provided an open letter to Chick-fil-A urging them to reconsider this decision and return to their once-courageous stand for Biblical values. Please read and sign the open letter. Together, we can encourage this once great company to return to faithfulness.

Sign and submit your Open Letter below.

Dan T. Cathy
Chairman, President, & CEO of Chick-fil-A

We feel like we lost a faithful friend.

This is the overwhelming sentiment of many Christian families and organizations across America today in light of your recent capitulation to the radical Left. Chick-fil-A has always been known for good food, positive service, and most importantly, solid faith. Your refusal to open on Sundays, your righteous stand for God-ordained marriage, and your unique and faithful support of the Christian community has built your company a solid reputation—and the Lord has blessed it.

In this culture of moral chaos and spiritual bankruptcy, your company served more than just a great chicken sandwich and service with a smile. Your organization served the Lord.

We join with D. James Kennedy Ministries and countless numbers of concerned Christian families across the nation in strongly condemning your regretful decision to throw Christians under the bus to curry favor with the LBGTQ crowd.

You’ve not only tarnished your once impeccable reputation as a Christian company to trust, but you’ve also created additional pressure on great organizations who are attempting to be courageous ambassadors of Christ and adhere to Biblical principles in a world of compromise. No one knows this better than you.

We urge you to return to the core tenets of your company’s publicly professed Christian faith—once so admirably and beautifully inseparable from its business practices.

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