Evolution: A godless
state-sanctioned “truth”

Darwin’s theory of evolution has become ingrained in society. Not surprising when the Darwinian view is mandated as the official view in all public education institutions!

But evolution is a philosophy of despair, seeing man as just a bit above the apes. How different from the message of Scripture, which states that God created us in His image—bestowing on us infinite worth.

In his compelling book, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions, author Tom DeRosa shows the repercussions of this dangerous theory. Far from being a “harmless theory,” DeRosa reveals how Adolph Hitler seized upon evolution to exterminate millions of human beings and how the American eugenics movement is likewise indebted to Darwin. You can also add the killing of 64 million pre-born babies in America to that list and many more of our societal ills.

Do you know how far evolutionary thought has invaded the American mind? Can you refute its false and dangerous claims? We want to help by sending you Evolution’s Fatal Fruit for your generous donation.

Evolutionary theory is taught as fact, but it’s not true, and your gifts allow us to broadcast Biblical truth to counter the lies ruling our culture. Biblical truth that can transform individual lives and our nation for generations to come.

Darwin’s Assault on the Image of God

Dr. D. James Kennedy often said that most of our societal ills could be traced to the teaching of evolution.

Now, D. James Kennedy Ministries takes a fresh, in-depth look at Charles Darwin’s evolution theory in a brand-new documentary, CHAOS: Darwin’s Assault on the Image of God. Two bold questions are asked: “Is Darwin’s speculative theory true?” and “What has it done to humanity?” You’ll be shocked by the answers.

The DVD features a long list of highly credentialed experts, including renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, historian Richard Weikart, philosopher of science Stephen C. Meyer, author Nancy Pearcey, molecular biologist Jonathan Wells, former professor Carol Swain, writer John G. West, Pastor George Grant, author Alveda King, and more.

You will never view evolution as just a “harmless theory” again. We’ll send you the book, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit, and the DVD, CHAOS: Darwin’s Assault on the Image of God, for your much-appreciated gift of $50 or more.

Both resources are ideal for small group study and sharing with others, including high school and college students.

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