Belief vs. Unbelief

… Whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

— John 3:15

We have been exposed repeatedly to the humanistic thesis that belief in God is irrational and unbelief is rational. Is that true? I would like to expose it for what it really is: an unmitigated fraud, an unalloyed lie that rises right up from the father of all lies.

To believe that God has made us, that there is a purpose for our lives and that we go to be with Him when we die—that is the Christian world-view.

This belief leads to meaning in life, joy, and satisfaction, purpose, and peace. Unbelief leads to hopelessness, lack of meaning and purpose, and fear of death. Unbelief is not sophisticated, it is devastating, and the result of unbelief is grief and pain. The result of belief in the God of the Bible is contentment, peace, and joy. Belief in God is life-giving and life-sustaining.

Question to ponder:
Contrast belief and unbelief in people you know. Can you see the difference?