An Unusual Purpose of the Pulpit

“Woe to you, when all men speak well of you, for so their fathers spoke of the false prophets.”

— Luke 6:26

One purpose of the pulpit is actually to drive members right out of the church as part of the continuing purging. The operation of the keys of the kingdom of God is coordinated with the whole matter of church discipline.

As the truth is preached and some unregenerate church members hear the truth, it tromps on people’s toes. And their ungodliness and impenitence and wicked lies are exposed and their heresies are blasted. They leave and the church continues to be purified.

Of course, one of the tragedies of the church today is that too many preachers are afraid to step on anybody’s toes. They will have to answer to Christ for that.

As the truth is proclaimed, God’s own people will be drawn unto Him and the tares will be repulsed. That is the inevitable consequence of preaching the truth. Of course my greater desire is that everyone would repent and come to Christ and that none would be driven away.

Ah, my friends, but that shall never be—for we are a savor of life unto life for some and death unto death for others, and that is part of the calling of every minister and of everyone who names the name of Jesus Christ. What is true of me is true of you as well in your witness for Christ. We need to persevere unto the end, for those who persevere unto the end will be saved.

Pure and holy Lord, we wish that none would turn away from You, but we have promised to work for both the purity and the peace of the church. Help us to never water down Your Word or accept heresy because we want peace and unity…