A Time to Weep, A Time to Act

“So the king said to me, ‘Why is your face troubled though you do not seem sick? This is nothing but a troubled heart.’”

— Nehemiah 2:2

Nehemiah was the cupbearer of the Persian king, Artaxerxes. He was among the Jews left in Persia who had originally been taken into captivity by the Babylonians. When Nehemiah got word that the walls of Jerusalem and its temple were in total ruins, he was very sad.

We might go out in this day as Nehemiah did and survey the spiritual wall around America; then ask ourselves the question: Is that wall broken down or is it in good condition? It was true in Nehemiah’s day that if the wall was destroyed the temple would be destroyed and the faith of the people of God would be greatly set back. So today, if America falls, the Church of Jesus Christ will be greatly set back, since about 75 percent of all the money and manpower for the world mission cause of Jesus Christ originates from North America.

What did Nehemiah do when he heard about Jerusalem’s broken walls? He wept. He fasted! He prayed! We need to pray that that wall around America may be built again.

Lastly, Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to work. God grant us the faith to pray and the faith to work that the nation may survive, that the Church may continue, and the Gospel of Christ may go out into all of the earth. There comes a time when we have to pause from the ordinary course of things to take a look at the walls which make all of the rest possible.

Lord, if ever a nation needed to turn back to You, such is the case with our land. Thank You that You care about the broken walls in our country. We ask for Your grace that there be true repentance and revival throughout our nation…